Did We Know That? Do We Care? Are you Curious About your Health? Are you Facing Health Problems?

In Today’s blog, we are going to highlight the modern life health cautions.
There was a time when people used to eat freshly sown vegetables and fruits. and if we go little back in time, we will come to the point that people of those times were much healthier than us. They were more energetic and sonic. They had better mental and physical health.
So what exactly happened with the passage of time. Even though we call ourselves modern. We got better and advanced technologies, food processing abilities and much more.But why is our health deteriorating despite being good enough.
Before going deeper into that. Lets think for a while that do we know how food is being processed now a days. Did we ever focus upon our daily diet. How much of the food we eat is fresh and what amount of the food is processed or preserved. Do we know how things are made now a days. What chemicals are being used to process and preserve these foods for the particular period of time. how is plastic affecting our food products. What is leaching and sorption? What is the effect of preserved food on our health? on our bodies? why the gastro intestinal problems are rising?

All these questions grab our minds when we start observing ourselves and our surroundings. Obesity, cardiac and digestive problems have become very common in our societies. Our temptation towards junk food is one of the biggest reasons for obesity and all aforementioned disorders.

According to the report, Between 2013 and 2016, about 37% of US adults consumed fast food on any given day. This is a huge number which may increase with time.

The link is: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/03/health/fast-food-consumption-cdc-study/index.html
According to the statistical unit of cdc ( Center for disease control ) which is National center for health statistics.
Data of digestive diseases of u.s citizens.
Morbidity: Number of adults with diagnosed ulcers: 14.8 million

Percent of adults with diagnosed ulcers: 5.9%

Number of visits to physician offices with diseases of the digestive system as the primary diagnosis: 22.4 million
Emergency department visits
Number of visits to emergency departments with diseases of the digestive system as the primary diagnosis: 8.3 million

The link to the statistics is: https://ftp.cdc.gov/pub/Health_Statistics/NCHS/NHIS/SHS/2018_SHS_Table_A-4.pdf

In our daily routine, We do use number of tanned and/or preserved food items. On average, Almost more than 30 percent of our consumption comprises of preserved food products which may include tomatoes, fries, milk, dairy products, mix vegetable packs and many more. Though the food preserving firms do make sure that the quality of the products stays high but there are certain chemicals that leach into the food and may cause problems in long run. For example, Ghee is the hydrogenised form of oil. Ghee is made by the hydrogenation reaction of oil in the presence of nickel ( in traces). This nickel is hazardous for our health. There could be many more examples.

This is what i do feel about all this matter. Please let me know about your opinions. Sometimes, we shall not believe in what we have been shown.

Modern Diet And Health Issues

With the discovery of Modern technologies and innovations taken place in the last two to three centuries, there is a huge adaptation taken for the cultivation of food, its preparation and preservation. Previously, Biowaste used to be the source of nutrients for fields resulting in high quality enriched food but the time consumption was of big intervals. Today, with the application of technologies on the food products reduced the time consumption to much low intervals. The products produced are claimed to be of high quality. Also urea is now prefered over the biowaste in many areas of the world.Though modern diet is consider to be better in quality than the food that people used to have in past but if we consider the health of people used to have in their past with the people having now, there is a big difference in the two. There rise a question why people have become weak if they are providing with high quality food products? Its quite debative to know the reason. Compacting the reality and putting the suggestion would make us to realize that never believe over the things that we have been made to believe upon. There may be some realities that we need to look over.