The Battle of Unseen

More than 6000 positive cases of covid19 were reported in california in a single day as per the reports.

Though many preventive measures have been taken up by the state authorities since the outbreak of virus but it is hard to tell who and who may not the vector of the contagious virus. It has been few days since some states reopened their economies and just in a matter of time, huge numbers are being reported each single day.

A person could be looking very normal even if he/she has this virus. This is because the symptoms may take time. This could be upto several days when the symptoms start showing up and in that meantime, that person would have meet up so many people, including family, friends, colleagues and many more. So the spread of this virus is fast and exponential.

The numbers that are being reported worldwide everyday are from the people that have been screened and tested. If the testing capacity is increased, it is quite expected that the figures may show up in a horrible range.

Besides precautions and safety protocols, Governments are also suggesting their public to avoid panic situations. It is a psychological factor that when someone look at the figures reported, it brings fear inside the head and this fear synergistically affect the overall condition.

It was being heard previously that almost a big percentage of the world’s population would be affected by this virus. Those who get affected should stay home and get themselves quarantined. Let them stay isolated for sometime and when they become negative for virus, they shall live normally.

Figures may keep rising for an indefinite period of time. It is hard to tell when would this pandemic gets to an end. World is demanding the vaccine. Scientists are struggling at their best. Even, many doctors are requesting the people who have got well from the infection to donate their blood for the plasma. This plasma is helpful in keeping the patients to go into severe conditions.


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